April = National Poetry Month

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”
~ Robert Frost

Put pen to paper,
Turn words to lines.
Your thoughts, your feelings.
It’s your moment in time.

Say what you have to say.
Let the words set you free.
Use each poem as an outlet.
Use each one as therapy.

You can write about your highs,
Or even your lowest of lows.
You don’t have to share them,
They can be your’s, and your’s alone.

Be cleansed, be inspired.
Be authentic, be true.
Bring back the balance,
It might get you through.

The month of April is National Poetry Month. Last year, and again this year, my friend Matt has written a poem each day in April. Last year each one was about an endangered species. This year a specific topic hasn’t been selected just yet. It has inspired me to share some of my own.

In case you didn’t know, I love poetry. Reading, writing, whatever form, it is a way that I have always used to deal with my feelings. So, for the month of April, for National Poetry Month, I’m going to share some of my poetry, my favorite poems, my favorite writers. It won’t be every day like Matt, that’s too ambitious for me. Some days I will just share a poem or two, others I will share a poem and tell a story about the inspiration for that poem. Some of the poems I have never shared with anyone before. Some stories will be ones I’ve only shared with a select few.

I’m excited – and nervous – to give everyone a window into my soul through my poetry. I hope that it will help you understand me better, or maybe help you understand your own feelings more. So, until next time…

…Be Good, Do Good.



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